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Current independent R&D projects
Recent projects for my employer
Other projects of note

Current Independent R & D Projects  

My current independent research projects are
I also plan to build a distributed problem solver that will include a genetic algorithm tool and a simulated annealing tool.  Another project is to build tools for constructing web-based dynamic teaching tools that can be distributed on CD-ROMs or memory sticks for those who develop courses for regions of the world without reliable network communications. I wrote a cookbook article on building dynamic sites on CD using Jetty.

Current R & D Projects for My Employer

I am the chief software architect for a web-based teaching tool that centers around concept maps.  Using a Java applet, instructors build a concept map key  that is centered around a topic concept. After an instructor publishes a concept map, students attempt to construct a concept map around the topic.  They can iteratively have the system evaluate their concepts maps to try to improve their knowledge of a topic and their score.  The scoring system is based on an expert system that compares a student's concept map to the instructor's concept map.  The system can be configured to provide hints based on the number of attempts and/or the score.

Part of the project is to assess student class performance when using the concept map tool as compared to more traditional teaching methods.  The system will be used in several university courses where historical data exists.

The system includes Java, JSP, and MySQL database components. The expert system runs under the Java Expert System Shell (Jess).

Other Projects of Note

Some of the recent projects of note in which I have participated as a key contributor include the following.


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