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About:   My name is Ben E. Cline, a.k.a. Benjy, and I developed this site to promote  my professional experience and research and development software.  More

R & D Projects:   These projects are my major efforts in the area of simulation software for research into agent learning and artificial chemistry.  More
The Comics Miner is a data mining project for automatically identifying and extracting comics from web pages. More
The Reaction Vessel is a general-purpose computing framework, written in Java, that provides an environment with automatic concurrency and fault tolerance by using the chemical metaphor. More
The Flask  is an artificial chemistry simulator for exploring a stochastic collision simulator.  More

The Pond is an agent simulator for studying agent learning and cooperation in unknown environments.  More
RepeaterBots  is a project for developing simulated robots that carry radio repeaters.  More

Education and Experience:   I have almost 30 years of professional software development experience covering a variety of problem domains, and I have a Ph.D. in the field of artificial intelligence.  I'm currently involved in developing a teaching tool involving concept maps where an expert system evaluates student concept maps and provides feedback to the student.  More

 Renting Benjy's Brain:   I am available for consulting, R & D software design and development, and teaching short courses in the areas of practical stochastic computation methods and object-oriented programming.  More

Recent site additions:

Parsing Web Pages in Java Added 4/9/2015
The Desktop version the the DX Spot Wizard runs under Windows, Apple OS/X, and Linux.
DXSpotWizard An Android app for filtering DX spots for ham radio operators. Added 12/8/2011.
The Comics Miner project for automatically extracting comic images from the web. Added 5/17/2011.
Another Approach to Java HTML Parsing Added 2/14/2011.
Cobra Parsing: Disable Persistent Connections and Set Socket Timeout Added 5/13/2010.
The Reaction Vessel Announcement. Added 4/9/2010.
Using the Lobo Cobra Toolkit to Retrieve the HTML of Rendered Pages. Page added 2/6/2008.
Automatic Extraction of Comics From Web Pages. Page added on 1/23/08.
Notes on extracting the HTML of a rendered page after JavaScript has been applied. Page added 2/09/07.
Notes on using Jetty 6 to construct a Dynamic Web Site on CD. Page added 12/8/06.
Notes page for the Constructing CD-ROM-Based Dynamic Web Sites. Page added 10/25/06.
The RepeaterBot page was updated 2/2/2006.
Constructing CD-ROM-Based Dynamic Web Sites

Off Topic - Chord Sketches

Gabrielle Chord Sketch - re:jazz The sketch includes both the chords and the main guitar arpeggio.
Mané (Toco) Chords
Red Guitar Chord Sketch (Cassandra Wilson)
People Hold On Chords (re:jazz version)

Off Topic - Attack Delay Unit

Attack Delay Unit

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