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I have a 1994 Ph.D. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech where I concentrated in artificial intelligence.  I investigated using stylistic and conceptual revision for polishing machine generated text and developed Kalos, a natural language generation system.  Kalos uses knowledge-based revision to produce and revise portions of a draft user's guide for a microprocessor.

I have an M.S. degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech in which I specialized in computer architecture, emphasizing in microprogramming.


I have almost 30 years experience in various aspects of software design and development including the areas of computational evolutionary techniques, A.I., communications, decision support systems, simulations, internet software including web applications and teaching tools, and laboratory data acquisition systems.  I have developed in a number of programming languages including Java, C++, Lisp, PHP, Perl, JSP, and SQL. 

I have managed software development teams consisting of computer professionals and computer science and computer engineering graduate students.

See my projects page for R and D projects of note.

I have experience teaching computer science and computer engineering courses at the university level as an adjunct professor.

I am the author of two books:  Microprogramming Concepts and Techniques and An Introduction to Data Acquisition, and I've published research papers in the area of natural language generation.


A demonstration application for an ArcObjects component I wrote in C#

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