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DX Spot Wizard is an Android app for filtering ham radio spots from the DXSummit web site. The app displays spots for the prefixes you need. Spots can also be filtered by the spotter's prefix, U.S. state, or Canadian province. Spot filtering by band and mode is also supported. The app can also be configured to look for specific callsigns that violate entity determination rules, and spotters can be excluded by callsign.

The app is made up of a service and a main UI activity. The service runs in the background and looks for new spots from the DXSummit periodically. When it finds a spot, it gives the spot to the activity to display and can optionally produce an Android notification in one of two formats.

A desktop version of this software that runs under Windows, Apple OS/X, and Linux is in beta test.

For more details on configuring and using the Android version of the applicaton, see the Help page.

A new feature developed for the desktop version will be added to the Android version. This feature allows all spots for particular bands and modes to be blocked.

This application has been tested under an older Android phone and a new tablet. Although the app runs fine on the tablet, new features to support the added tablet display real estate will be added in a future version.

This app is currently in beta test. Please contact the author if you are interested in testing the app.

Version 2 of the DXSpotWizard adds the ability to handle multiple spot sources including both web and telnet cluster sources and has improved filtering. With the death of the site, additional web sources have been added to the code. The web spot sources are

The application only allows one web source and one telnet source at a time.


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