See only the spots that matter to you!

DX Spot Wizard is an application for filtering ham radio spots from the DXSummit web site. The application displays spots for the prefixes you need. Spots can also be filtered by the spotter's prefix, U.S. state, or Canadian province. Spot filtering by band and mode is also supported. The app can also be configured to look for specific callsigns that violate entity determination rules, and spotters can be excluded by callsign.

The application is available in two versions: Desktop and Android. This page describes the desktop version which runs under Windows, Apple OS/X, and Linux. The desktop version has the additional feature that it can e-mail spot reports to you or send SMS text messages if your cell provider has an e-mail-to-SMS gateway.

For more details, see the Help page.

This app is currently in beta test. Please contact the author if you are interested in testing the app.

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